• Reviewed by: tinagoose89  on: 2018/12/28 19:36:45
    I absolutely love your ginger dressing. Do u guys sell it by itself? I would love to buy some. I can't find it anywhere else.
  • Reviewed by: mistie.willingham  on: 2018/10/31 9:59:02
    Wow. I just had the worst expirenece at the Marion location. Went in for lunch. Barely anyone in eating. First I ask beer selection and the response was bud light and corona, I don't really drink. So I ask for a drink menu. And i am then asked if I want to order my "other" drink first. ? Finally get a drink menu and order 2 Sapporo, coconut shrimp appetizer and three sushi rolls. I am brought two Miller lights. A different server saw my confusion and was able to get me the correct beer. Then we are brought out our sushi rolls.... about 10 minutes later our server comes to tell us that she forgot to "put in" our appetizer and do we still want it. No thanks. Needless to say I will not be returning.
  • Reviewed by: Kathleen.bert  on: 2016-09-21T20:57:42
    Hi, my name is Kathleen Bert. I am currently waitressing at Walts pizza in Marion but I live in Carbondale and I am interested in obtaining a waitressing job in Carbondale. I have a lot of waitressing experience from dining dining to sports bars. If you are currently hiring waitresses please contact me and I will also try to stop in this week and put in a job application. Thank you! Kathleen Bert 269.932.8149
  • Reviewed by: Jennathompson0829  on: 2016-09-17T17:17:51
    I am interested in any open position you may Have. Thank youJenna Thompson304 Madison St.Energy, Iljennathompson0829@gmail.com2517213281Work ExperienceMobile phlebotomistGamma health care - Mount VerVernonSeptember 2011 to December 2015Responsibilities In this position I was responsible for drawing blood from elderly patients in nursing homes, in addition to driving a company car and keeping millage logs. I stocked supplies, ordered supplies, and kept in constant contact with other employees. I needed to be on call on a daily basis after my shift was over in case I would be needed for STAT labs at the nursing home. I worked on average 60 hours a week and covered others shifts when needed.PSTLabCorp - Paducah, KYAugust 2010 to September 2011Responsibilities In this position I was working in a Doctor Office setting, Drawing blood on patients of all ages. I was responsible for entering all lab orders, insurance and demographics into the Labcorp system, In addition I was responsible for ordering supplies, stocking, passing results to physicians and counseling patients on lab work as well as giving instructions for testing requirements. I worked very closely with office staff in my daily work to ensure a smooth workflow.Lab manager / health and saftey coordinatorShawnee Health Services - Carterville, ILJanuary 2008 to August 2010Responsibilities In this position I was the Laboratory Supervisor and Health and Safety Coordinator. I had many duties in the position, Drawing blood, ordering labs, verifying insurance. I also ran all in house testing and drug screening. I managed 15 other employees that working frequently in the lab and was responsible for all employee health service. I worked very closely with all nursing and physician staff to ensure the most accurate and timely testing service for patients. In addition I counselled all patients on test results, up coming lab work, scheduled appointments , kept track of all recurring lab appointments and kept patients informed on their appointments. Also I trained all new staff on lab procedures as well as safety procedures. Every quarter I completed proficiency testing as required by law, and daily controls on all in house testing. Lab Assistant IIIHeartland hospital - Marion, ILAugust 2007 to January 2008Responsibilities Duties include drawing blood in a hospital setting , both inpatient and out patient as well as performing drug screening, stocking supplies, entering lab orders into system along with insurance documents. I worked both at the satellite office and at the hospital drawing blood and registering patients. I was ready and trained for codes and acting quickly when needed.
  • Reviewed by: pcsa  on: 2016-09-14T12:53:01
    Do we need reservations for a party of 4 for Friday, 9/16/16 at 6:30 pm? If so, pls make them in the Name of Bill Timpner. Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: Adudekadudek  on: 2016-09-11T11:56:06
    Hi there, I'm currently a bartender/server at Bandanas in Carbondale. I'm looking for another job opportunity in the area and saw you were hiring. I was wondering if there was a place to apply online or if I need to come into the store.Thank you!Abigail Dudek
  • Reviewed by: nicholas.wong  on: 2016-09-08T11:37:39
    Hey there! My name is Nick Wong and I'm doing outreach on behalf of Revel Systems, iPad POS. I came across Fujiyamasil and was curious to know what you guys are currently working with. I would love to chat with you on which direction you're going for your point of sale system. How does tomorrow at 4 work?
  • Reviewed by: imariwoods42  on: 2016-08-30T10:30:58
    Hello my name is Imari Woods II, I am interested in working for this restaurant below I have attached my resume. imariwoods42@yahoo.com630-977-7925Imari J. Woods IIObjectives Seeking a position in dining services. Qualifications Active Listening Skills.Strong communication skills. Proven ability to direct clients and customers to proper staff. Dedicated and detail-oriented; high level of accuracy and strong attention to detail.Cash Handling Accuracy Problem solving skillsTake action attitude Professional Experience 1) Resident Assistant, Southern Illinois University Carbondale December 2015- May 2016Supervised three wings in Neely Hall of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.Supervised three wings in Neely Hall of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.Where I held meetings
  • Reviewed by: nurseloyd  on: 2016-08-28T02:43:31
    Fujiyama Restaurant,My family and I ate at your restaurant Saturday Aug 27 at approximately 5:30-7pm. My experience was not what I would have expected when spending $70 $20 gratuity for two children and an adult. First, we sat for 10 minutes in the extra room because the main dining room was full; without being offered a drink or being greeted by our waitress. While we sat there, my daughter noticed a cockroach crawling on the Hibachi grill across from ours. The cockroach actually did not bother me but what bothered me was how the waitress handled the situation.... You see after staring at it crawling around for 10 min, I finally got up and informed someone, who just happened to end up being our waitress. However, once I informed her, she did not take care of it. In fact, several minutes later I notified the hostess, who quickly and kindly got rid of it. Shortly there after, a second group sat at our grill area. The waitress then comes in and starts wiping down our grill and states LOUDLY to all in the room, while looking at me, that she was making sure it was sanitized and that it was only a "fire-fly" but she would be sure everything was clean. I did NOT appreciate her making a scene. I informed her privately and I did not make a big deal about it. She should not have said that in front of the other people at the table. It was embarrassing and I WAS NOT HAPPY!! Additionally, she was very LOUD. Everything she said was loud... almost obnoxiously loud. Then when we ordered, my daughter ordered the chicken and "FRIED RICE" off your menu. Again, the loud waitress says, "there will be an UPCHARGE for FRIED RICE". I said to her "The MENU SAYS FRIED RICE". (Please note, your menu advertises FRIED RICE.. not WHITE RICE). However, instead of listening to me, the LOUD waitress began to argue with me. My daughter immediately said "I will take white rice"... this made me even more upset because I was not arguing with her. I was just stating the fact that the menu said fried rice. Plus, now she has made this a huge issue in front of the other guest. My daughter felt bad. To resolve the issue quickly, I informed the waitress my daughter would have the FRIED rice and I will pay the $1 upcharge. Next, I ordered FILET MIGNON and Shrimp Hibachi... what I got was over-cooked strip stake. I know this to be true because I watched him grill it up with all the other peoples "steak". I have a huge problem with this. First, I am paying EXTRA for the Filet. Secondly, it appears to me that your restaurant does not care about quality but rather getting the people in and out. I would have said something while I was in your restaurant but I did not want to ruin the dinner for my kids. The Hibachi Griller was excellent and he made the meal well worth the experience. But for as much money as I paid to eat at your restaurant I think you can hire some wait staff with a little more "class". I was not impressed at all by her service. In closing, I would like to say that I do not mind paying extra for good food but I do expect good service to come with the price. Respectfully, Daniele Loyd
  • Reviewed by: lschaffer23  on: 2016-08-19T14:21:13
    Do you have a gluten free menu or any items that are gluten free?
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