• Reviewed by: ineedajeep2  on: 2021/5/4 15:34:02
    I want to start off by saying first and foremost that I love your establishment. I don’t know how much everyone else has spent there but I know between my girlfriend and I we have spent over 3k personally and with business events close to another. It’s a glorious time. That was not even close to the case last night. Around 8pm, maybe 7:30, we were seated at I believe table 6. We were met with a friendly new host and server, who took our order. Seemed very new, no big deal. Ordered steak and rice, like always, and waited. A new chef met us and began to enthusiastically begin our food. He began making the rice that I had ordered. In typical fashion I begin shoveling the rice in drowning it in yum yum sauce, and something was amiss. I had my GF try some since she ordered noodles and she said something was missing. My guess was teriyaki sauce. Then, he began preparing the steaks. When done, he passed them out and I was excited for the portion we were about to receive... until I ate some. This steak had no seasoning on it whatsoever. He drizzled on soy sauce I believe, but it lacked any evidence of flavor. Like, I could have thrown a steak in my skillet and cut it up and it would taste that way. It was disheartening. The chef then prepared the veggies for everyone and then my GF’s noodles, and then I believe the chicken. Noodles covered in straight soy sauce is inedible. It was harsh if I can be honest. Then it took quite a while to get the bill. For such a place I always look forward to visiting and eating... this one was just not fun. I know COVID has the world upside down right now. After trying to visit pizza places to learn they’re shut down because they can’t find workers... I’m beyond grateful that you guys are still going, and glad your hibachi tables are back in swing. And, I don’t want to send this to sound as if I’m trying to be compensated or anything. I plan on spending thousands more there. I’ve tried other places. I don’t like them. The manager was tending bar and busier than everything so I figured I’d try to send a message this way. I just wanted to let you know. Another thought.... and just an idea.... but I’ve noticed that the prices have began rising. And perhaps they should. It’s reasonable. But I’m curious if you could cut your portions down by a third or perhaps half and maybe keep your cost down by maybe a quarter. There are leftovers for days! This message isn’t meant to be public. If it shows up publicly please take it down. This was only for observation and so you are aware. Best wishes, Steve
  • Reviewed by: tiffanymurray88  on: 2021/5/24 14:17:26
    Reservation for 6:30
  • Reviewed by: leaannrocks  on: 2021/12/18 9:25:44
    Placed to go order: food was cold and very small portion of rice. Disappointed
  • Reviewed by: leaannrocks  on: 2021/12/18 9:24:32
    I placed my order Togo. The food was cold and hardly any rice. Very disappointing.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2021/1/4 18:00:29
    I got a less than standard ramen noodle style soup. You put three pieces - less than a full mushroom- in the “soup”. I told my child to never order from you again. You should be ashamed. Disgraceful.
  • Reviewed by: robinsonlogging  on: 2021/1/10 9:33:36
    Can we dine in today
  • Reviewed by: robinsonlogging  on: 2021/1/10 9:33:19
    Can we dine in today?
  • Reviewed by: garnett.peach  on: 2020/7/28 15:03:02
    Amazing food with amazing Staff at the Carbondale Fuji. Expect for one member of there team. I was seated very quickly the women at the front desk were very polite and they really showed that they were good at there jobs. On the other hand my server Benen was not the best. He was very slow on getting my order and getting my ticket. I also saw him being very very disrespectful to his coworkers. If I was the manager I would fire him on the spot! After seeing how servers can walk all over the staff makes me sick! I never want to eat at Fujiyama’s again after that experience! I would like something to be down, so I can come back and enjoy on of my favorite restaurants.
  • Reviewed by: jthancock  on: 2020/5/9 5:28:10
    Your organization and staff at the Carbondale store is a joke .I love your food I am a loyal customer, but being told 20 minutes and waiting an hour and a half for food that’s been ready for over an hour because you can’t get in to pay doesn’t seem to be an great option ...I don’t know the answer but more staff calling people as food comes out would seem to be a better answer .... being realistic with people would be the start ,if you can’t staff properly ....
  • Reviewed by: jthancock  on: 2020/5/10 15:14:05
    Waiting 1 1/2 hours to pay after food has been ready for s hour is poor business ... staff the place keep people in cars bring out while fresh ... take payment... with 2-3 waitresses this should work fine ???
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