• Reviewed by: Bethsiulaw  on: 2016-08-12T07:39:39
    My daughter has Celiac disease and is allergic to gluten. Do you have gluten free soy sauce to make fried rice or could we bring an unopened container of gluten free soy sauce for you to use? We're planning on coming for lunch tomorrow, Saturday. Thank you.Beth Malone
  • Reviewed by: Aruegeclan  on: 2016-08-11T14:31:55
    We took our daughter out to your place for her 21st Birthday and we were very disappointed. We have been to the Fujiyama Restaurant in Olympia WA many times,and enjoyed it. But this wasn't the same, our host sever,was very rude, she had to be ask several times for our drinks.We ask her for even the birthday song, our daughter had to get back to work at Fort Lewis WA as she is a firefighter in the Army.The cook had to have been new , he had no personalty at all, didn't entertain,or engage with us in anyway at all.NO FUN !!!!!We spent over $290.00 which I did not fillthat we should have been forced to pay a tip on such awful service that we had.I talked to the server and she said that Ihad too as it wasn't to be debated.We left very unhappy and disappointed withthe lack of service and good customer carefor my family from her.I hope that I do hear back from someoneregarding this matter.Thank you Adrianne
  • Reviewed by: Viclvsjim74  on: 2016-08-05T10:58:24
    Do you have Snow Angel sushi?
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