• Reviewed by: jthancock  on: 2020/5/10 15:14:05
    Waiting 1 1/2 hours to pay after food has been ready for s hour is poor business ... staff the place keep people in cars bring out while fresh ... take payment... with 2-3 waitresses this should work fine ???
  • Reviewed by: annetteelaine79  on: 2019/4/4 14:50:15
    You definitely need to go and train them @the Mount Vernon location! Because the food is nothing like this one or Marion.
  • Reviewed by: matt.lajackson  on: 2019/2/15 20:30:05
    When are you going hire for mt vernon Illinois location
  • Reviewed by: coconut2272  on: 2018/7/3 21:19:26
    My family of 6 went there yesterday around 6pm. Everyone received their order, except for my husband. No explanation on why, but, the server said it will be a few more minutes, more than once and it was more like a total of extra 15-20min. So by this time, everyone else had finished eating. When she finally brought his meal, I asked her, "was the order forgotten?" She said no, but another waiter grabbed it by mistake. She apologized, and yes it was appreciated, but we were not spending money like we were in McDonald's, and just like that she walked away. There was no offer of any kind of discount or a free dessert for the inconvenience, but you sure did take 15% gratuity, that you didn't deserve because we had more than 5 people. This was really horrible customer service and very disrespectful, which is truly a shame, because the food was very good.
  • Reviewed by: katrinalarry87  on: 2018/2/25 17:30:05
    We come here at least 2 or 3 time a month. We had the worst service tonight. Our appetizer came out after our meal was being served and I again told the waitress. We never got our salads. Glasses stayed empty we couldn't find her to even ask for a refill. It was just really bad attitude and service. We will stick with Carbondale Fujiyamas from now on. We even left a note on the receipt. Sadly disappointed Katrina and Larry Craig 618-319-2428 2 court f Herrin Illinois 62948 Katrinalarry87@gmail.com
  • Reviewed by: cinsue89  on: 2018/2/16 16:54:59
    Was very upset with the service and the grill person. We picked grill because we enjoy the process of meal being cooked however this cook hardly paid any attention to us instead intearacred with the other three people at the table .. never threw food for us to catch like he did others.. the other people got more food than us .. especially the shrimp and the steak .Was highly upset asked for a manger one never came so we left we will not be coming back my son had saved his work money for a month to treat us to a meal there .. I felt so upset that it was not worth the 80.00 he was going to spend so I paid for it.. my son is 18. The grill room was very cold plus we waited 20 minutes for the cook to come ...
  • Reviewed by: tinagoose89  on: 2018/12/28 19:36:45
    I absolutely love your ginger dressing. Do u guys sell it by itself? I would love to buy some. I can't find it anywhere else.
  • Reviewed by: mistie.willingham  on: 2018/10/31 9:59:02
    Wow. I just had the worst expirenece at the Marion location. Went in for lunch. Barely anyone in eating. First I ask beer selection and the response was bud light and corona, I don't really drink. So I ask for a drink menu. And i am then asked if I want to order my "other" drink first. ? Finally get a drink menu and order 2 Sapporo, coconut shrimp appetizer and three sushi rolls. I am brought two Miller lights. A different server saw my confusion and was able to get me the correct beer. Then we are brought out our sushi rolls.... about 10 minutes later our server comes to tell us that she forgot to "put in" our appetizer and do we still want it. No thanks. Needless to say I will not be returning.
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