• Reviewed by: mistie.willingham  on: 2018/10/31 9:59:02
    Wow. I just had the worst expirenece at the Marion location. Went in for lunch. Barely anyone in eating. First I ask beer selection and the response was bud light and corona, I don't really drink. So I ask for a drink menu. And i am then asked if I want to order my "other" drink first. ? Finally get a drink menu and order 2 Sapporo, coconut shrimp appetizer and three sushi rolls. I am brought two Miller lights. A different server saw my confusion and was able to get me the correct beer. Then we are brought out our sushi rolls.... about 10 minutes later our server comes to tell us that she forgot to "put in" our appetizer and do we still want it. No thanks. Needless to say I will not be returning.
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225 N Giant City Rd
 Carbondale, IL 62901